JFY Back Ground: 
Shenzhen JingFuYuan Tech. Co., LTD (abbr. JFY).was set up by Mr. Charles Chen in May, 2003, mainly engaged in telecom power supply.

From 2008, JFY-tech dedicated in developing, manufacturing and marketing solar inverter with the successful technology & marketing experience,
its main products includes grid tie transformerless solar inverter, high frequency isolated transformer inverter, hybrid home power supply systems etc.

We were rewarded many honor by the local and central government, including awarded China National Hi-technology Enterprise.

As a M.E.E. of Sichuan University, Charles Chen worked as a teacher in this famous university in China for 3 years, taking part in a national 863 plan;
With his ambitions and 6 years working experiences in Huawei—the second largest telecom product manufacturer in the world, he established JFY in May, 2003.
Our Technical Director has previous working experience in Emerson, Sales V.P. Falcon Tang had worked in Power One for 3 years, among which first two years was working as Technical Engineer, and the third year as Technical Sales Manager, so he is very familiar with the merits and demerits of Power One’s inverters.

JFY Business:
1. Telecom power supply
JFY-tech is a well-known supplier in telecom power supply industry. Our main customers are as follows:
ZTE—the second largest in China, fifth largest in the world telecom equipment manufacturer.
FPS— the third largest in the world PC power manufacturer.
WRI— the fifth largest in China telecom equipment manufacture
We need pass their very strict, high-standard audit every year. with the high quality products and good reputation,
JFY has been as their long-term good supplier, some of them even cooperate with us about 8 years.
2. Solar inverter and hybrid home power supply system.
JFY’s 8 year experience in in telecom power supply industry provides a strong technical support to ensure the high reliability of solar inverter.
We have strict quality control in materials and provide customers with first class quality inverter and achieve the best price-performance goal.
Main components of JFY’s inverter are imported from developed countries, which can ensure the high quality of the products from the beginning.
1)Switching tube
Brand: INFINEON,Germany
2) Relay:
Brand Tyco, USA
3) Microcontroller
Brand: Renesas, Japan
4) Inductor cores
Brand: HITACHI, Japan
5)Electrolytic capacitor:
Brand: NCC, Japan
6) Driving optical coupler:
Brand: NEC ,Japan
7) PV DC connector
Brand: Amphenol, USA

Grid tie transformerless solar inverters have got TUV, CE, IEC, AS4777, ENEL (Italy) and G83/1 Certificate etc. Inverter quality is proved very good by many customers from Asia, Australia and Europe market for a long time.

JFY strikes forward the most competitive power supply enterprise, its new products, 2MPPT inverter, high frequency isolated transformer inverter and hybrid home power supply systems will launch in the market soon.

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